Privacy policy


The Gum-tech GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the shop-owner of the online shop) has produced these privacy guidelines, based on which the personal data of visitors and customers are protected under the applicable laws in the most discreet and safe way. In accordance with this, our dear visitors can rely on that we do not pass on to a third party the necessary data for the purchase or registration unless it has been ordered by the competent court otherwise.

Data for registration

The shop owner respects the rights for the protection of personal data of its Website- visitors. Based on the present privacy statement, you can decide which data you indicate on this website. The information you provide on this website is managed by the operator of the online shop in accordance with the content of this statement. Your provision of data is voluntary in any case. When specifying your personal data, you authorize the operator of the online shop to use the information you provide in accordance with this Privacy Policy. When registering on the website you give your clear and explicit approval that the operator of the online shop can send you relevant newsletters. Your consent is voluntary, and it relies on the provision of appropriate information. In the Site design, we have strived to make the majority of the content, products and services available without entering your personal information. This Privacy Policy is available directly from the website at any time.

This Statement of Privacy applies to the collection of personal and non-personal information (eg. The assembling of person-independent subscriber statistics data).

In order to ensure the smooth operation of our webshop, we record the customers data even when purchasing without registration. This data will not be passed on to third party.

You have the right to restrict, or prohibit your personal information to be used or registered by the shop owner. You have the right to apply for the deletion of your personal information from the website by the shop owner. For related requests, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address on the website, or inform us through the online contact form.

The shop owner does not share the voluntarily provided personal information on this site with a third party without the permission of the data owner. An exception is derived from respective legally binding data supply provisions. (obligations in the case of government agencies, summons, court decision).

The site may contain such parts where visitors may be requested information related to contact details (name, nickname, possibly e-mail addresses). The decisions taken here also apply to these as personal data under consideration; these data are under the protection of this privacy policy.

The data provided voluntarily, when it was separately not determined at the point of specifying the information on this website, can be used by the shop owner for the following and only purpose listed here under: Invitation to subscribe to our newsletter (not automatically submit newsletters) with Articles - and related promotional messages of the shop owner, on products and services of third parties who have a business relationship with the shop owner

The site may require the use of cookies for the proper operation and proper functioning. In these cases, if the visitor's browser is approved for cookies, these cookies will be used automatically.

The cookies that are stored by the browser of the visitor on the visitor's computer, do not contain any personal information, but only pieces of information usable from the web page with the aim to identify the visitor, so that he/she does not have to specify certain data already stored by the site. The use of cookies is a convenient way to browse the web, and the use of cookies can at any time be disabled in the browser of the user. It cannot be excluded that certain services and contents of the website require the possibilities offered by the cookies, it may happen that these services and contents will not be available with browsers that have the option of cookies off.

For the safety and protection of information all reasonable measures are taken. The shop owner manages personal and non-personal information which came to him confidentially, for which the obligation to maintain confidentiality applies. Access to data is strictly limited in order to prevent unauthorized access, data alteration or unauthorized use.

Contents on the site can be used for information purposes only. The content has been uploaded in good faith; the accuracy, completeness of the content, can not be guaranteed. The shop owner and his staff will take no responsibility for any damages, loss of profits directly or indirectly incurred by the content of this web-site.

The Website may contain links (hyperlinks) that point to other pages that are independent from the shop operator, they are third party sites, so the shop owner is not responsible for the content of the linked sites and thus accessible products and services.

Cancellation of Registration

Of course, we allow our users, customers, the cancellation of registration and the associated advantages, which will take place as follows: Put in your relevant request on the customer service e-mail address accessible through our site, or in one of the above contacts (Contact). Then, on your request, all the data will be deleted from our system, of which no copy will be made, and we stop all direct communication channels in your direction.

Renewal of registration details

Our system makes it possible to improve data due to changes.

The data can be changed after login. The changes can be specified in the third step of the buying process, and at the same place where the billing and shipping information can be modified, which can even be stored without an order. Or, you can also request us to update your data through the provided e-mail address accessible on the side of the customer service, or any of the specified contacts (Contact), and we improve our information.

Legal Notice

Disclaimer copyrights

All contents, pictures and data of the materials on the pages of the shop owner are protected by copyright.

General Limitation of Liability

The pages of the shop owner may be visited and used at own risk by anyone. No liability will be assumed for any false or misleading content published on the website of the shop owner, originating from the inability to use, failure, interruption, or cessation of activities incurring direct and indirect associated losses for user with possible harmful consequences. (This statement is not related to any of our a separate agreements regulated by contract services – in these cases the shop owner is contractually liable.)


The user of the services of the shop owner acknowledges the fact that data can be lost during data transfer, can be destroyed or can fall into wrong hands and due to the publicity of the Internet foreign penetration can occur into the system, so that the recorded data (including personal data), can be leaked. The shop operator assumes no liability in such cases, the user is aware of the relevant risk and he is consciously taking this risk when using the service.

Of course we do our best to ensure that all data are safe, our location and website is operated by experts, and the system is regularly updated. The data is not voluntarily disclosed to third parties, except for the authorities, if they have the appropriate authorization or permit.

Please note that this site of the shop owner can only be used in case of acceptance of the above content!