Shopping guide


Users can reach the registration page in three ways: firstly, it can be accessed by clicking on the “Sign In / Up” button in the top navigation bar; secondly, when the mouse pointer is moved towards the “Sign In / Up” field, a pop-up menu ap-pears, and by selecting the menu item “Register” at the bottom of the menu you can open the registration page; thirdly, you can also open the registration page by clicking on the “Registration” link in the footer of the page. Each way leads to the same page where you can register yourself by filling in the form on the right side. After entering the data, the “Register” button can be clicked on to complete the registration. The data fields that must be filled in for successful registration are marked on the page. Having entered all the necessary data, you can click on the “Register” button to complete the registration. If the registration process has been successful, the page makes you sign in and an email notification will be sent to you about it. It is also possible to make purchases on the page without registration.

Signing in

There are also three opportunities for signing in to the page: by pressing the “Sign In / Up” button in the top navigation bar, or by moving the mouse pointer towards the “Sign In / Up” button and pressing the “Sign In” button that pops up, or by means of the “Sign In” link in the footer of the page. You enter the same page in each case, and can sign in to the page by filling in the form on the left side. Having entered your username and password, you can sign in by press-ing the “Sign In” button, and thereupon the “Sign In / Up” text changes to your username in the top navigation bar. Furthermore, if you move the mouse pointer towards it, the content of the pop-up menu also changes. Here you can access your user details and actual orders, manage the addresses, or sign out.

Signing out

You can sign out from the page by means of the “Sign Out” link, which is visi-ble if you have been signed in and you move the mouse pointer towards your username. Then a pop-up menu appears with “Sign Out” as the bottom menu item, and you can click on it to sign out from the page.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can submit a request to generate a new password by entering your username. You can find this function in the registra-tion form on the registration page that can be entered as given above (see the sec-tion Registration). Clicking on the “Forgot Password?” link and entering your username, you can request a new password by clicking the “Reset password” button. Then the system will send you an email with a link in it. You need to click on this link to enter a page where you can give the new password together with your username.

Password change

You can open the user information page from the top navigation bar by moving the mouse pointer towards your username and by selecting the first item in the menu that pops up. To change your password you have to enter your current password in the first box, enter your new password in the second box, confirm your new password by entering it again in the third box, and click on the “Change password” button; this makes the new password effective, and you have to enter it next time when you want to sign in to the page.


Shopping cart: To place a product in the shopping cart, you have to click the “Add to cart” button at the given product after selecting the proper quantity and properties. The user can browse the products under the various categories as well as on the pages showing all products or the key products. By clicking the “Add to cart” button, you can add the product to the cart. Later you can also modify the content of the cart. The content of the cart can be viewed by clicking the “Cart” button in the top navigation bar. The list can also be viewed by moving the mouse pointer towards the “Cart” button: a pop-up menu appears, showing the list of the products that the user has added to the cart. There is an “Expand cart” button under it; by clicking this button you can view or even modify the detailed content of the cart. There is a number above the cart icon, showing the number of products actually added to the cart. The content of the cart can also be accessed through the link in the footer; by clicking on this link you can navigate to the Cart page. On this page you can remove the products from the cart either individually by means of the X button next to the product description or empty-ing the cart completely by pressing the “Clear cart” button. You can also change the quantity of a given product. In this phase you can still add further products to the cart from the page. To continue the purchase process, you must click the “Checkout” button. This button is only functional when the total value of the selected products is not less than the minimum order amount.

Purchase: By clicking the “Checkout” button on the Cart page you can start the purchase process that consists of 4 steps. The user can easily follow the status of the purchase steps since a green check mark indicates each completed step. The first step is the selection of the delivery method: in this step the user can choose the requested method of delivery. It is also possible to make a purchase without registration: if the buyer has not been registered before clicking the “Checkout” button, a pop-up window appears instead of the selection of the delivery method and the user can decide in it what the next step should be: “Checkout as a guest”, i.e. without registration, or “Sign in to checkout”, i.e. signing in after registration. Then the method of delivery can be selected. It must be noted here that the content of your cart remains the same after signing in. After the selection of the delivery method, the process goes on to the next step where you have to give the billing address and the delivery address. If you have not entered your billing address and/or delivery address before, you can give these data on this page: clicking the “+” button a form appears where you can fill in the compulso-ry data fields and then save the new address by clicking the “Save address” but-ton. Having selected the billing address, you can go on to the following step of the purchase process by means of the “Continue” button. In this step the user must select the payment method (Pay by cash, Wire transfer or Paypal). After the selection of the payment method, you can go on to the last step of the ordering process by pressing the "Save & Review" button. In this last step you can review every detail of your order (delivery method, billing and delivery addresses, total amount of your order etc.). Please check the correctness of the data of your order in this step, and then press the "Complete order" button to save your order. If you have selected Paypal as your payment method, the text of the button will be "Pay & Complete", and you will be redirected to the Paypal page where you can execute the payment. If the transaction is successful, you will be redirected to the “Transaction success” page. If the transaction fails, you will be redirected to the “Transaction failed” page.

If the order is successful, the user will get an email notification of the order, in-cluding all data relevant to the order and the ordered products. In the case of or-ders with Paypal payment method, the user will get an email notification only if the payment is successful.

If the order has been completed successfully, your shopping cart will be empty again.

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us (see our contact details).