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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The buyer declares to understand and accept following business regulations by ordering rubber mats from Gum-tech GmbH.

You can place your orders in our webshop www.fallschutzplatten.de or by sending us an e-mail to office@gum-tech.de.

Terms and Conditions of Contract

The exact specification of the data and accepting the terms and conditions of contract are a prerequisite to the purchase.

The owner of the website reserves the right to verify the accuracy of (specified in the purchase) the order data of the purchaser, provided that the reality of the data can be questioned or the data are not traceable. If our attempt is not successful to contact the purchaser with the purpose of clarification of the order data, we delete the order.

We accept orders only from those who completed their 18th year of age, have an address, an active e-mail address and a telephone number. Though specifying a phone number is optional, it is recommended to do so in order to clarify any questions related to the delivery and other issues. An order that is in the name and address of another person will not be accepted.

The purchase price is the price listed next to the items. The purchase price does not include the cost of delivery, this is indicated separately.

Gum-tech GmbH. reserves the right to change prices. Our prices and products are subject to possible changes. The photos of the products may differ to a small extent from the actual form that does not, however, affect the recognition and identification of the products.

The product descriptions and pictures in the web shop have informative character. We assume no responsibility for any errors in the product, as well as in the prices and delivery,.

Promotions or special rates are valid until the specified time and / or until stocks run out.

Delivery address

Delivery is only possible in Germany.

As destination the address of the apartment or the address of the workplace can be specified. The delivery address can be different from the billing address. As the delivery address, the address should be specified under which the buyer or the person taking over the delivery will be present at the expected time of delivery. The delivery address specified when ordering can not be changed later!

If you have a request in connection with the order or delivery, please contact us at the email address office@fallschutzplatten.de. This e-mail address is being protected from spam robots.


When delivered by a courier service the service tries to reach the customer by telephone. Therefore we ask you to indicate a telephone number when ordering, which you can be reached at, as you may reschedule or possibly provide a new delivery address to the courier service.

Please consider the quantity of items ordered when the delivery arrives. The staff of the courier service can not load and unload rubber mats piece by piece. Therefore, you should make sure, if possible, that on the date of the delivery there is help available, a loading machine or a forklift on site.

Date of delivery

The delivery date will be agreed in each case in advance!

For every order that Gum-tech GmbH. received, our customer service will send an acknowledgment of receipt of the order, verifying the fact that the order is recorded in our system, and informs the buyer of the delivery date of the products.

If every ordered item is on stock, we (with the exception of holidays and non-working days) will ship the items within the period corresponding to the point of delivery deadlines to the address indicated in the order.

If the goods ordered are not on stock, we will inform the customer on the first working day following receipt of the order about the expected delivery date. Thereafter, the customer is obliged to provide feedback as to whether he accepts the new delivery date or deletes his order. The shipment is initiated only after receipt of this feedback. If we receive no response within 8 days, we delete the order.

The ordered products are delivered in any case in a packaging.

For any delay in delivery or the entire failure of the order Gum-tech GmbH. has NO liability for damages.

Fails the order by fault of the buyer, we will ship the order after the payment of a re-shipment fee.

If the buyer waives the resending, Gum-tech GmbH. must immediately - but at least within 30 days from withdrawal of the bank account or PAYPAL account of the buyer - repay the amount.

Please read the following purchase conditions carefully before you send your order.

Complaint Management

Our company is always ready to serve their customers properly and to their satisfaction. Nevertheless it is possible that this is not fully achieved.

If you have a complaint in connection with our services or products, please contact us at the e-mail address office@fallschutzplatten.de.

We are going to investigate your complaints immediately and inform you within 30 days from receipt of your letter of the outcome of the investigation. (registered letter, email: office@fallschutzplatten.de)

Distance Contract

By sending the order and its confirmation by Gum-tech GmbH. a distance contract between Gum-tech GmbH. as the supplier and the buyer as the buyer will be concluded with the following conditions:

The buyer is obliged to accept the product ordered and delivered to the address specified by him.

Withdrawal from the Purchase

The buyer can be a natural person or a corporate legal entity.

He is entitled to cancel the purchase contract within 14 days without specifying the reason. The 14-day period for the withdrawal starts from the day on which you or your designated point of a third party (who is not the party concluding the contract) have taken over the goods.

In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must contact the Gum-tech GmbH. and declare your intention to cancel the contract. You need to declare your intention to do so in any case in writing (letter by registered mail or e-mail: office@fallschutzplatten.de).

If you cancel the contract, Gum-tech GmbH. must repay all amounts that have been paid by you, including delivery costs, within 14 days. The repayment will be made in the same way in which you have made the payment (unless you have expressly agreed with us in the meantime, in another form of payment). As part of the repayment we will not charge any additional costs.

We are entitled to refuse reimbursement until the goods reach us or a confirmation is sent to us that the goods have been shipped. You are committed to send the goods to us immediately, but in any case within 14 days from the day on which you have announced the return to us in writing. The deadline is missed, if you return the goods after 14 days.

In the event that the quality of the product is proved to be negatively affected by you due to inappropriate handling, you can expect a reduction in the price returned to you.

The right of withdrawal does not apply in the following cases:

  • when the delivered products are not fully completed, or they were assembled according to the special needs of the user,
  • For products that are inseparably united with other products.

Product Quality

Different time of manufacture and variety of raw materials used can cause colour differences of the rubber mats. Colour differences are technically unavoidable, but do not reduce the value in use of the product and they disappear with use and exposure to weather conditions.

Retention Guarantee

For our products we provide the statutory guarantee. The warranty period is 3 years. The different time of manufacture and the variety of materials used can cause colour differences. Colour differences are technically unavoidable, but do not reduce the value in use of the product and they disappear with the use and exposure to weather conditions.

In terms of the guarantee regulations, the issuer of the guarantee warrants to hand over to the buyer a defect-free product, which means that the product has no defects, which will come to light later. An error is when the product has a fault in terms of quality- or quantity.

The cause of the defect must be in the use of the product, the buyer has to prove that

  • the reason for the defect already existed at the performance of the contract
  • at the performance of the contract was not recognizable,
  • he did not cause the occurrence of the defect.

The buyer is entitled to the replacement of the product in the framework of the guarantee.

Approval of the Reader

When you visit our pages, we take it for granted that you are aware of the content of this writing. We make no distinction between registered and unregistered users. We reserve the right to modify the information provided here.


The users have the option to register on the website www.fallschutzplatten.de. Registration is free of charge. We treat your data confidentially and use it only if necessary to ensure the smooth purchase process.


Disclaimer of Gum-tech GmbH. We assume no liability for the result of using the information on the website www.fallschutzplatten.de. Gum-tech GmbH. is not liable for the accuracy, reliability, completeness of accessible content (including those used in the operation of the web site software) and for any resulting direct or indirect damages, since the contents of the website www.fallschutzplatten.de are for information only. We call your attention to the fact that the information provided, are intended for adults or teenagers standing under parental supervision. Hereby we declare that we accept no responsibility for information originating from third parties on the homepage www.fallschutzplatten.de. Our Sites may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties.

We look forward to comments and recommendations from our readers in connection with our sites, their content and technical or scientific accuracy. Please send your comments to office@fallschutzplatten.de Gum-tech GmbH. and we will endeavours to examine them and if necessary to resolve your possible complaints.